French Green Book

IUPAC Division I, Physical and Biophysical Chemistry

Quantities, Units and Symbols in Physical Chemistry, 3rd edition, RSC Publishing, 2007. Prepared by E.R. Cohen, T. Cvitaš, J.G.Frey, B. Holmström, K. Kuchitsu, R. Marquardt, I. Mills, F. Pavese, M. Quack, J. Stohner, H.L. Strauss, M. Takami and A.J. Thor. [ISBN 9780-85404-433-7].

Roberto Marquardt, Monique Mottet, Françoise Rouquérol and Jean Toullec, Grandeurs, unités et symboles de la chimie physique 3rd Edition, De Boeck supérieur s.a., (2012) [ISBN 978-2-8041-7207-7] (In French).

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