International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry

Compendium of Chemical Terminology

"The Gold Book"

Second edition, 1997
Edited by A D McNaught and A Wilkinson
[ISBN 0-8-654-26848].

This compendium extracts the definitions of terms described in the various IUPAC glossaries and other IUPAC nomenclature documents. First published in 1987 this second edition includes terms published up to the end of 1996. This includes those from Glossary of terms used in physical organic chemistry (Recommendations 1994), Glossary of class names of organic compounds and reactive intermediates based on structure (Recommendations 1995) and Basic Terminology of Stereochemistry (IUPAC recommendations 1996). It does not include Glossary of Terms Used in Bioinorganic Chemistry, (IUPAC Recommendations 1997) and Glossary of Terms Used in Medicinal Chemistry, (IUPAC Recommendations 1998). The indicated glossaries are available in an html format from this web site.

Since publication of the book it has been updated electronically, including the glossaries mentioned above. This revised version can be searched to give the definitions of entries containing the search term and, if required, a pdf file for the definition.

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