International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry

Corrections to Nomenclature of Inorganic Chemistry: IUPAC Recommendations 2005,
Royal Society of Chemistry, 2005.
Edited by N G Connelly and T Damhus (with R M Hartshorn and A T Hutton) [ISBN 0-85404-438-8].

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p. 8, IR-, Ex. 2: for trisulfate read tris(sulfate).

p. 21, IR-, Ex. 12: 6.7 not 66.7.

p. 31, IR-2.7, Ex 2: read monooxygen.

p. 55, IR-4.2.3: the usage of 'line formula' here is not in accord with the Gold Book.

p. 71, IR-, Ex 12: this example belongs in IR-

p. 76, IR-5.4.1, Ex. 5: Change second name to pentapotassium diantimonide cupride.

p. 81, IR-5.5, line 1, correct '...and tritiate' are not...' to '...and 'tritiate' are not...'.

p. 93, IR-, item (i): delete comma.

p.101, IR-, Ex 1: change the name in (i) to octahydro[1,3,5,2,4,6]triazatriborinino[2,3-b][1,3,5,2,4,6]triazatriborinine.

P. 128, IR-8.2, Table IR-8.1, first line: correct (1–) to (2–).

p. 135, IR-8.4, Ex. 1: add hyphen so it reads '...-oxido-bis(trioxido...'.

p. 135, IR-8.4, Ex. 2: add hyphen so it reads '...tetrahydroxido-di-...'.

p.138, IR-8.6 line 5 up, replace 'of other functional nomenclature are also' by 'of functional class nomenclature are also'.

p.139, Table IR-8.2 should have included also the entries

NOCl, nitrosyl chloride, nitrosyl chloride, chloridooxidonitrogen
NO2Cl, nitryl chloride, nitryl chloride, chloridodioxidonitrogen

Furthermore, there should have been a footnote pointing out that just as with other binary-type names, it is acceptable to leave out multiplicative prefixes in the functional class names here if there is no ambiguity, e.g. phosphoryl chloride will in most cases be easily understood to denote phosphoryl trichloride. Also these functional class names have, of course, obvious analogues with the other halogens, e.g., phosphoryl tribromide.

pp. 139-140, IR-8.6, change 'functional replacement' to 'functional replacement or functional class' in the first line of the top text for Table IR-8.2 and in the headers on p. 139 and 140 for the third column in that table.

p. 158, IR-, Ex. 7: bond missing between CH2–C=O and O
and between isolated O2CCH2 and adjacent N.

p. 158, IR-, Ex. 8: N missing after κ (twice), i.e. second name should read:

p. 164, IR-, Ex. 3: replace hexaoxidodisulfate(2–) by bis(trioxidosulfate)(2–).

p. 166, IR-, Ex. 4: remove space after '...silicon)ate' and space after (Al1Al2), i.e. name should read:

p. 182, IR-, Ex. 1: change second OC-6-12 to OC-6-22.

p. 224, IR-, Ex. 30: change to ...2-en-1-yl..., i.e., add hyphen - name should read:

p. 225, IR-, Ex 31, second name: delete ')' after...-1,5-diene, i.e. name should read:


p. 247, IR-11.9, Ref. 8: comma not dot after Anderson.

Table III

p. 257, under 'ylene', delete the parenthesis around '1,2-phenylene for benzene-1,2-diyl etc.'

Table VII

p. 263, entry 77: delete parentheses in name so that it reads '2-aminoethan-1-olato'.

p. 264, entry 81: 'Other name' should end in 'tetraacetato'.

p. 264, entry 94: the systematic name should read 1,1,1,5,5,5-hexafluoro-2,4-dioxopentan-3-ido.

p. 267, entry 167: correct first name to hydridotris(1H-pyrazol-1-ido-κN1)borato(1–).

p. 267, entry 168: correct name to tris(3,5-dimethyl-1H-pyrazol-1-ido-κN1)hydridoborato(1–).

p. 267, line missing after entry 181.

p. 268, footnote g, first line: replace tris(pyrazolido-N) by tris(pyrazolido).

Table IX General remark: optional radical dots are sometimes shown in formulae and names, sometimes not. Some examples of this, but not all such cases, are mentioned below.

p. 282, AsH, column 3: (2+) not (1+).

p. 290, CHO: change methanoyl, to methanoyl;

p. 291, CN2: entry should be after CNSe (on p. 292).

p 293, CO3, column 4, line 1: delete final comma.

p. 293, CS2, column 5: correct to CS2•–,

p. 294, ClF, column 2: change sequence of names: chlorine monofluoride and fluoridochlorine (as in other examples).

p. 295, Cl2, columns 3-5: the radical dots shown with the formulae are optional.

p. 297, F2, column 3 and 4: radical dots missing from formulae but optional.

p. 299, HCl column 3 radical dot missing from formula but optional.

p. 299, HF, column 3: radical dot missing from formula but optional.

p. 299, HF2, column 4: delete name 'fluorofluoranuide' and correct second name to μ-hydrido-difluorate(1–).

p. 300, HNO3: dioxidanidooxidonitrogen, to dioxidanidooxidonitrogen;

p. 303, HO3P: one could have added metaphosphoric acid, (HPO3)n, cf. Table IR-8.1, p.129.

p. 305, H2NO, column 5: sequence in formula should be same as in column 4.

p. 306, H2O2 column 3: plus sign is not superscript in (1+).

p. 309, H3OS: move contents of column 2 to column 3.

p. 309, H3Se, column 3: Se in formula, not S.

p. 311, I, col 4: in name minus sign is not superscript.

p. 313, MnO4, column 4: replace commas by semicolons to read


Similarly in column 5.

p. 313, Mu, column 4: 2 is subscript not superscript.

p. 314, NH, column 3: first name for NH+ must be azanyliumyl; radical dot could be included in formula and in additive name, but is optional.

p. 316, N2H2, column 5: second name must be diazen-2-ium-1-ide (ligand is neutral).

p.317, N2H4, column 5: second name must be diazan-2-ium-1-ide (ligand is neutral).

p. 318, N3H, column 2: replace trinitride(1–) by trinitride.

p. 321, O3, column 4: delete name 'trioxidanidyl'.

p. 325, P2O6, formulae in columns 4 and 5: the charge should be 4–.

p. 327: S, column 5: 'sulfanidyl' must be 'sulfanidylo' (ligand is anionic).

p. 330, S3, column 5: 'trisulfanidyl' must be 'trisulfanidylo' (ligand is anionic).

p. 331, Se, column 2: correct 'Se (general)' to 'selenium (general)'.

p. 331, Se, column 3: correct 'selenium' to 'selenium (general)'.

p.331, Se, column 5: 'selanidyl' must be 'selanidylo' (ligand is anionic).

p. 332, Si, columns 3-5: radical dots missing from formulae but optional.

p. 333, SiO3: in the fourth column, the last '(1–)' must be '(2–)'.

p. 334, Te, column 5: 'tellanidyl' must be 'tellanidylo' (ligand is anionic).

Table X

p. 339, in footnote a, correct to 'heteroatomic'.

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