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Full text of IUPAC Recommendations
Nomenclature of Organic Chemistry, Blue Book New Brief Guides to Chemical Nomenclature New Basic Terminology of Stereochemistry
Glossary of Organic Class Names Glossary of Terms in Physical Organic Chemistry Cyclic compounds with contiguous formal double bonds (delta Convention)
Hantzsch-Widman Nomenclature for Heteromonocyclic Rings Non-standard Valence States (Lambda Convention) Fused Ring Nomenclature
Nomenclature of Isotopically Modified Compounds (Section H) Phane Nomenclature Phane Nomenclature Part II
Glossary of Terms in Bioinorganic Chemistry Glossary of Medicinal Chemistry Terms IUPAC Atomic Weights and Periodic Table (2021 values) New values
Von Baeyer nomenclature
Spiro nomenclature
Natural product nomenclature (Section F)
Radicals, Ions & Radical Ion Nomenclature Gold Book
IUPAC definitions of terms.
Numerical Terms to 9999
Fullerene nomenclature Numbering of Fullerenes Regular single-strand organic polymers nomenclature
Drawing Structures Drawing Stereochemistry Watch this space
Recommendations by IUPAC and IUBMB
(International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)
from the Joint Commission on Biochemical Nomenclature
Nomenclature of Amino Acids and Peptides Nucleic Acid & Constituents Abbreviations and Symbols Carbohydrate Nomenclature
Conformation of Polypeptide Chains Conformations of Polynucleotide Chains Conformation of Polysaccharide Chains
Glycopeptide, Glycoprotein & Peptidoglycan Nomenclature Glycolipid Nomenclature Cyclitol Nomenclature
Polymerised Amino Acids Nomenclature Lipid Nomenclature Newsletter (1996 – 2023)
Prenol Nomenclature
Terpenoid precursors
Steroid Nomenclature Vitamin D Nomenclature
Folic Acid Nomenclature Carotenoid Nomenclature Retinoid Nomenclature (Vitamin A)
Tocopherol Nomenclature
(Vitamin E)
Vitamin B-6 Nomenclature
Corrinoid Nomenclature
(Vitamin B-12)
Flavonoid Nomenclature New Biochemical Thermodynamics
Draft revised version
Lignan Nomenclature
Nomenclature of Quinones with Isoprenoid Chains Tetrapyrrole Nomenclature Biochemical Phosphorus Compounds
Other recommendations, bibliographic data etc.
IUBMB recommendations Nomenclature Nucleic Acid Sequences
(incompletely specified bases)
Enzyme Nomenclature
(EC 1 oxidoreductases, EC 2 transferases, EC 3 hydrolases,
EC 4 lyases, EC 5 isomerases and EC 6 ligases)
Electron Transport Proteins Nomenclature Peptide Hormone Nomenclature Enzyme kinetics
Bibliography of IUPAC nomenclature recommendations
Bibliography of IUPAC Organic Chemical Nomenclature Bibliography of IUPAC-IUBMB Biochemical Nomenclature
Bibliography of IUPAC Nomenclature Books Bibliography of IUPAC Macromolecular Chemical Nomenclature Bibliography of IUPAC Inorganic Chemical Nomenclature
IUPAC Recommendations under public review
IUPAC Recommendations under author review
Pure and Applied Chemistry
PDF files for all volumes up to 85 (3013)
Chemistry International also PDF file of text
Recently published IUPAC recommendations IUPAC Recommendations
IUPAC Technical Reports
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