Nomenclature of Flavonoids (Recommendations 2017


The following items were incorrectly printed in Pure Appl. Chem., 2018, 90(9), 1429-1486. They have been corrected in the Web version.

Flv-2 The numbers of carbon atoms have been subscripted e.g. C15.

Flv- Example 7. The structure has been corrected. The extra line at C-4′ has been removed.

Flv- Example 8. The trivial not name added a missing hyphen before acetyl.

Flv- Example 15. Changed ‘the anticholinergic’ to ‘an anticholinergic’.

Flv- 48. Stereochemistry added

Appendix 2Example 48. Stereochemistry added

Appendix 2 Example 51. Added missing H to bond at C-11a of structure.

Appendix 2 Example 62. Corrected InChIKey and InChI.

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