International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry.
Commission on Nomenclature of Organic Chemistry

Extension and Revision of the von Baeyer System for Naming Polycyclic Compounds (Including Bicyclic Compounds)

(Recommendations 1999)

Prepared for publication by: G. P. Moss.

Membership of the Working Party (1992-1998): P. M. Giles, Jr. (USA), E. W. Godly (UK), K.-H. Hellwich (Federal Republic of Germany), A. K. Ikizler (Turkey), M. V. Kisakürek (Switzerland), A. D. McNaught (UK), G. P. Moss (UK), J. Nyitrai (Hungary), W. H. Powell (USA), O. Weissbach (Federal Republic of Germany), A. Yerin (Russia).

World Wide Web version Prepared by G. P. Moss
School of Physical and Chemical Sciences, Queen Mary University of London,
Mile End Road, London, E1 4NS, UK

These Rules are as close as possible to the published version [see G P Moss Pure Appl. Chem., 1999, 71, 513-529. Copyright IUPAC; reproduced with the permission of IUPAC]. If you need to cite these rules please quote this reference as their source. In preparing the web version some errors were detected. These have been corrected and marked by error details which is a link to details of the change and where it applies.

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German translation see Angew. Chem., 2002, 114, 3423-3432.

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VB-1 Definitions and Terminology
VB-2 Main Ring
VB-3 Naming Hydrocarbon Bicyclic Systems
VB-4 Numbering of Bicyclic Systems
VB-5 Main Bridge
VB-6 Naming Hydrocarbon Polycyclic Systems
VB-7 Numbering of Secondary Bridges
VB-8 Naming Modified Ring Systems (Heteroatoms, unsaturation, stereochemistry, etc.)

VB-8.1 Heteroatoms
VB-8.2 Principal Functional Group
VB-8.3 Unsaturation
VB-8.4 Prefix Substituents
VB-8.5 Stereochemistry
VB-9 Configuration of Chiral Systems

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