Nomenclature for the C60-Ih and C70-D5h(6) Fullerenes
(IUPAC Recommendations 2002)

Fu-14. to Fu-16

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Fu-14. Fullerene Cations

Cations formed by the addition of a proton to a fullerene, a fullerene analog, or a fullerene derivative are named by replacing the final 'e' of the name of the fullerene with '-ium' or by replacement nomenclature.


(C60-Ih) [5,6]Fullerenium 7,8,9,10,11,12-hexachloro-1-carbadodecaborate(1-) error details


Spiro[1(9)a-homo(C60-Ih)[5,6]fullerene-1a,4'-piperidin]-1'-ium error details

Fu-15. Fullerene Radical Ions

Radical ions formed by the addition of an electron to, or removal of an electron from, the fullerene cage are named by replacing the final 'e' of the fullerene name by '-elide', 'bis(elide)', etc., or '-elium', 'bis(elium)', etc.

Note. The suffixes '-elide' and '-elium' are approved by IUPAC but no other publication has yet appeared in which they have been used. They were created to take the place of the two part suffixes '-uidyl' and '-iumyl' for radical ions located in the same parent structure.

[C60]•-    (C60-Ih)[5,6]Fullerenelide

[C60]•+    (C60-Ih)[5,6]Fullerenelium

Fu-16. Metal Derivatives of Fullerenes

The symbol @ and the term incarcerane have been widely used to describe fullerenes having an enclosed component, for example, La@C60. The infix incar is used to name a fullerene containing an enclosed element. In the formula encapsulation is denoted by an italic i placed to the left of the incarcerated element.


iLa[C60-Ih] (C60-Ih)[5,6]Fullerene-incar-lanthanum
The number of encapsulated metal atoms can be indicated in the formula, even fractional ones, but this must also be incorporated in the name. CAS treats these compositions as 'compd. (compound) with' at the name of the fullerene; the ratio of fullerene to the metal is given in parentheses. The charge distribution between the fullerene and the metal may be indicated by citing the oxidation state of the metal.


iLa2[C60-Ih] (C60-Ih)[5,6]Fullerene-incar-dilanthanum
iCa(2+)[C84]2- Calcium(2+)-incar-(C84)[5,6]fulleride(2-)
(C84)[5,6]Fullerene-incar-calcium error details
iLa(3+)[C82]3- Lanthanum(3+)-incar-(C82)[5,6]fulleride(3-)
(C82)[5,6]Fullerene-incar-lanthanum error details
Note: The CA index name for the first example is [5,6]fullerene-C60-Ih compd. with lanthanum (1:2).
When the metal is located outside the fullerene cage, the compound is named as a salt of the fullerene. The fullerene component name is fulleride, and it is followed by the appropriate negative charge in parentheses.


K3[C60]    Tripotassium (C60-Ih)[5,6]fulleride(3-)

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