Nomenclature of Carbohydrates
(Recommendations 1996)


Adv. Carbohydr. Chem. Biochem., 1997, 52, 43-177; Carbohydr. Res., 1997, 297, 1-90; J. Carbohydr. Chem., 1997, 16, 1191-1280; Pure Appl. Chem. 1996, 68, 1919-2008.


2Carb-5.4 example 6 (3 from end). The H from the OH at C3 of the right hand structure was omitted.

2Carb-7.1 Chart III structure 11. The S linking C5 to C1 was omitted.

2Carb-12.1 last example left version. The H at C5 was omitted. The name should be Methyl α-L-xylo-hexos-2-ulo-2,5-furanoside.

2Carb-16.3 example. Correct first name to (2R)-2-Bromo-2-chloro-2-deoxy-α-D-arabino-hexopyranose.

2Carb-16.5 last example. The extra closing round bracket has been deleted.

2Carb-16.6 last example. The name has been corrected to indicate the pyranose ring.

2Carb-17.2 Sentence 2 "followed by 'o' for euphony before a consonant" added at the end. Stereosymbols changed to stereodescriptors.

2Carb-18.5 "O-" added to side-chain-O-methylated.

2Carb-22.2 example 4. The OH was omitted from C3.

2Carb-23.4 example 5. The structure drawn is the D-isomer not L.

2Carb-24.3 example 2. There is a double bond missing from the bond common to both rings of the purine ring system.

2Carb-31.2 paragraph 3 and 4 correct to "locants" to "a locant"

2Carb-31.2 example 12 second name. There is a misplaced bracket in 1-(Adenin-9-yl)

2Carb-31.3 Replace "replacing the terminal 'e' of the monosaccharide name by" by "adding to the monosaccharide name".

2Carb-33.6 example 3. The abbreviated name printed does not indicate the lysine is bonded to C1. Hence it should be drawn with the bond on the right hand side. One representation is .

2Carb-37.2 paragraph 3. The 1[arrow right]4 linked changed to (1[arrow right]4)-linked

References 18. The year has been corrected for Chem. Eng. News, 31, 1776 (1953).

References 21. The last page has been corrected for J. Lipid Res., 19, 114-128 (1978).

Appendix (b) Cymarose is 2,6-Dideoxy-3-O-methyl-ribo-hexose

Appendix (b) Umbelliferose is [beta]-D-Fructofuranosyl α-D-galactopyranosyl-(1[arrow right]2)-α-D-glucopyranoside

Appendix (c) Acosamine is 3-Amino-2,3,6-trideoxy-L-arabino-hexose

Appendix (c) Kansosamine is 4-Amino-4,6-dideoxy-3-C-methyl-2-O-methyl-L-mannose

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