International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry

Division VIII Chemical Nomenclature and Structure Representation Division

Nomenclature of Organic Chemistry. IUPAC Recommendations and Preferred Names 2013.

Prepared for publication by Henri A. Favre and Warren H. Powell,
Royal Society of Chemistry, ISBN 978-0-85404-182-4

Prepared by G. P. Moss
School of Physical and Chemical Sciences, Queen Mary University of London,
Mile End Road, London, E1 4NS, UK

All noted changes and corrections have been incorporated in this version. Otherwise the text is as close to the printed book as possible.

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Contents [(PDF (0.5 MB)]

Chapter   Title
Preface, Acknowledgements, Changes and Glossary [PDF (0.2 MB)]
    P-1General Principles, Rules, and Conventions [PDF (5.9 MB)]
    P-2Parent Hydrides [PDF (13.5 MB)]
    P-3Characteristic (functional) and Substituent Groups [PDF (3.0 MB)]
    P-4Rules for Name Construction [PDF (7.0 MB)]
    P-5Selecting Preferred IUPAC Names and Constructing Names of Organic Compounds [PDF (4.8 MB)]
    P-6Applications to Specific Classes of Compounds (P-60–P-65) [PDF (10.1 MB)]
    P-6Applications to Specific Classes of Compounds (P-66–P-69) [PDF (9.9 MB)]
    P-7Radicals, Ions, and Related Species [PDF (4.1 MB)]
    P-8Isotopically Modified Compounds [PDF (1.2 MB)]
    P-9Specification of Configuration and Conformation [PDF (7.6 MB)]
    P-10Parent Structures for Natural Products and Related Compounds [PDF (8.4 MB)]
References [PDF (0.1 MB)]
Appendix 1 ‘a’ terms [PDF (0.1 MB)]
Appendix 2 Detachable Prefixes [PDF (1.5 MB)]
Appendix 3 Structures for Alkaloids, Steroids, Terpenoids, etc. [PDF (2.0 MB)]

A PDF of the whole book is available (74.7 MB). This is a merged copy of the individual chapters and other files below. Version 3 added 6 December 2023.

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